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Wiring Accessories are essential, We have professional electrician ready to replace the sockets within your home or business or conceal electrical connections we have all the products you need. We offer a wide range of choice from trusted brands at great prices.

Singapore Electrical Switch Legrand

 The switch has an importance task to do. It task is to connect electron to the light. As daily job is to connect the wear and tear come on the mechanical parts, as the loose part create an air gap and the switch will start singing “Bzz bz bzzzz bzz to tell you it time to call for electrician. We provide the transport, parts and professional electrician to replace the switch at an affordable rate

Singapore Electrical Socket Design

 The common socket we use in singapore is on 240 Volt provide 13 to 15 amp. We provide transportation, professional electrician at your doorstep to replace or repair your electrical socket at a affortable price. Call us now for a quote.

Short Story from SCDF

Mr Li was 1 of 6 occupants in the bedroom where the fire originated (see Figure 10). He had just returned home and he saw fire under a clothing rack when he entered his room. He shouted ‘Fire!’ to alert the other occupants of the unit and several of them tried to fight the fire but to no avail. The fire spread to the adjacent mattresses and developed rapidly. Mr Li sustained burn injuries when he tried to retrieve his luggage bag from underneath the burning bed. The fire consumed the wooden partition between the bedroom and the living room; and spread into the living room (see Figure 11). Mr Li explained that there was a portable socket outlet connected to a stand fan and microwave oven at the Area of Fire Origin. Both appliances were not in use at the time of the fire but the power to the portable socket outlet was always left ‘ON’. The cause of fire was determined to be accidental and of electrical origin at the portable socket outlet.

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Electrical practice

Examples of Approved Mains Plugs

From left : 2.5A round pin, 5A round pin, 13A rectangular pin, 15A round pin

From left : 2.5A round pin, 5A round pin, 13A rectangular pin, 15A round pin

Examples of Non-Approved Mains Plugs

Points to note when using
Mains Plugs Apart from Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia or UK, mains plugs used in many other countries are different from those in Singapore. Hence we should be mindful that not all types of mains plugs are suitable for use in Singapore. Are you aware that there are 4 types of Mains Plugs that you could use in Singapore?

Electrical Singapore 5 AMP Plug

The 5AMP round-pin Mains Plug for table/standing lamp – This is generally used in hotels and seldom found in domestic premises.

Electrical 2 Pin Plug Singapore

The 2.5AMP 2 round-pin Mains Plug – This is generally used for electronics appliances such as TV, DVD and audio sets. These appliances do not rely on earth as a form of protection and therefore only 2 pins are needed. One for the ‘Live’ and the other for the ‘Neutral’.

Singapore Electrical 13A Plug

The 13AMP 3 pin fused Mains Plug – This is used for electrical appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and microwave ovens. As these appliances have metal body, the body must be grounded so that in the event of electricity leakage to the metal body, there is no risk of electrocution to human.

Singapore Electrical 15 AMP

The 15AMP 3 round-pin Mains Plug – This is used generally for air-conditioners.

Electrician have a point of caution

Electrical Schuko Singapore

There could be some appliances fitted with Mains Plugs meant for the German Market. These are Mains Plugs rated at 10/16AMP and known as ‘Schuko’ plugs (See image). These types of mains plugs are not suitable for use in Singapore, as the dimension of the round pins will likely stress the contacts of the mains socket outlet and this would subsequently lead to poor contact and overheating. These types of mains plugs come with or without earthing strips-located on the side of the plug. An appliance fitted with plug with earthing strips is not safe for use in Singapore as the earthing strips do not make contact with the earth contact of the mains socket. To ensure safety, change the plug to the correct type where the earth pin engages with the mains socket outlet.

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